to the EOG Sustainability Strategy Course

With the global challenges ahead, sustainable solutions are needed at all levels of society. Outdoor industry players, with nature as playground, are expected to have sustainability as a core aspect of the business strategy.

Business as usual is over”

A complete course for building your sustainability strategy

starting in your current situation and establishing a structured approach to the challenges ahead

  • Sports & Outdoor

    This course is tailored for small/mid-sized companies in the outdoor sports sector, referring to tools and examples that relate to your current reality.

  • Exclusive material

    The course combines texts and illustrations with videos containing fact-based learning and inspirational examples from outdoor industry brands. You will also get access to useful links, downloadable templates and practical guides.

  • A complete strategy

    After implementing all parts of this course, you will have a widely accepted corporate sustainability strategy, a structured approach to future challenges and on-going transitional activities in many parts of the company.

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Accelerated our sustainability work

David Ekelund, CEO Icebug

”If you’re looking at starting your sustainability work or transforming good intentions into action that have an effect, this is the program you can’t afford to miss. For Icebug it has been a tremendous help in moving our sustainability work forward. The program will help you structure the work, get the right tools, prioritize right and engage the whole organization – getting you to a much less risky place before sustainability becomes a disruptor for your business.”


the EOG Sustainability Strategy Course

The course is both a learning material and a toolbox for building a solid sustainability strategy. By starting in your current situation and establishing a structured approach to the challenges ahead, you can activate the whole company for concrete action while in parallel establishing long-term goals, follow-up methods and strategy development.

The course is divided into 5 chapters

  1. Sustainability Baseline
  2. Vision and Commitment
  3. Strategy Formulation
  4. Framework & Management
  5. Activity Planning

Additional support

The European Outdoor Group has together with Peak 63 developed this course. 

If you would like individual support, help to fine-tune your sustainability strategy, workshop facilitation or just general help to accelerate your sustainability work, feel free to contact us at: info@peak63.se

Peak 63 is a consultancy that supports the sports and outdoor industry with sustainability expertise and change management. We operate out of Sweden in a well-established international network of industry, academia, and industry organizations. Find your way towards a sustainable sport- and outdoor industry together with us!